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Little Free Garden #226

We started our own Little Free Garden this year. We have Big Boy tomatoes, cherry tomatoes, peppermint, sage, banana peppers and jalapeno peppers. Cass County Soil Conservation District can cost-share the expenses of getting started, or continuing a Little Free Garden. Register you garden here:

Little Free Garden

Cass County Soil Conservation District offers cost-share assistance for a Little Free Garden. We offer up to 60% cost-share to help you get started. Once your garden is set up, you will need to register your garden so folks know where they can get the free produce. Click HERE toRead the Rest…

Urban Conservation Program

All states, North Dakota included, are experiencing increases in urban acreage and decreases in rural acreage. When we think of natural resource conservation we often first think of rural areas, but with the increase in urbanization, conservation of our precious resources become just as important in urban areas. In additionRead the Rest…