Rain Gardens

build-a-rain-garden-01-ssRain gardens are a great way to reduce storm water runoff, which runs off our roof, down our driveways, streets, and other impervious surfaces, and eventually reaches our local rivers and streams. During this process many different pollutants such as oils, grease, excess fertilizers, remnants of lawn clippings and leaves, pet feces, and garbage may be carried away and deposited into the vary water we drink from. Rain gardens are shallow depressions strategically placed on your property to collect the storm water runoff and hold it for a very brief time to allow the water to infiltrate the ground instead of draining to our waterways. The use of native plants allows for greater water infiltration, filtering of pollutants, and reducing erosion. Cass County SCD is here to help you with designing and planning the installation of your own rain garden.

Interested in learning more about rain gardens? Check out the resources below for more information or contact us.

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Rain garden


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