Urban Projects

What is a rain garden or a xeriscape you may be wondering. What do some of these things look like in the end? Take a look at some of our past and current projects to get an idea. Each of these practices can truly be beautiful. Patience is key though, as it can take a couple years to turn from a sparse looking, freshly planted pollinator habitat, rain garden, or xeriscape, to a beautiful native planting with big lush plant species. Native plant species used in these areas focus a majority of there initial growth underground establishing a vast network of roots, some of which can reach past ten feet deep! Although we may want a big lush garden immediately it is those deep roots that are the heart and soul of any native species planting. Those deep roots are allowing greater water infiltration along with pollution reduction, reduced sedimentation, and provide a better wildlife habitat, which is our main goal. Although they may not completely satisfy our aesthetic desires initially they begin helping our environment from day one!

Rain Gardens

The YMCA on 42nd St, Fargo, ND



YMCA 42nd St, Fargo, ND


Pollinator Habitats

1.1 Acre pollinator planting near Kindred, ND