Teaching Resources

Lending Library Our Lending Library offers a hands approach to learning about environmental topics such as soil and water. There are a multiple activities to choose from FREE of charge and can be used for kids of all ages.

Presentations Available with the Stream TableInterested in the stream table for your small group or class but want someone else to present? We offer a short list of presentations which we currently use with our stream table and can come to your location to give a short presentation. If there are other topics you’re interested in that may not be on the list please contact our office and we will try to accommodate to your topic of interest.

Stream Table InstructionsBooklet provided with the stream table with setup and tear down instructions along with a list of common vocab words associated with the stream table and a mock presentation to follow.

Project Wet Our Urban Conservationist is certified in Project Wet training and can help plan an activity, project, or game to learn all about water including: flooding, pollution, the water cycle, watersheds, wetlands, and more! With over 200 activities to choose from there is sure to be one to fit your schools standards, grades, and area of focus.