District Well Sealing Cost-Share

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    Prior to Well Sealing                                                                                            Post Well Sealing

The well sealing program is available to anyone who resides within Cass County who whishes to seal water wells that are no longer functional.
The program will be guided with technical assistance provided by the Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) and with financial assistance from the Cass County Soil Conservation District.
The current program is run by the Soil Conservation District and funded through the district itself. This program provides 75% of the producers approved cost of the sealing process with payment not to exceed $800.00.
In order to be eligible for the cost share program, the Cass County Soil Conservation District must have approved the application, design and completed an inspection of the well site both prior to and after the sealing process.  Two cost estimates must also be provided to the District before approval.  A picture will be taken prior to sealing and again after sealing to ensure the sealing process was completed in accordance to the program specifications.  No work should be started until the application and contract have been approved. 
It is the landowner’s responsibility to make all arrangements with the sealing company to have the well sealed.  The districts responsibilty is to ensure the well was sealed to specifications and pay the resident the amount agreed to in the contract.

An application and specifications for well sealing can be aquired by calling the office or viewing the attachments below,
*Below is a list of local conservation-related well sealing vendors compiled by the SCD, provided as a starting-point for you to begin your project. This list is in no way exahustive and implies no guarantees or endorsement by the Soil Conservation District.  The District does not take profit from any of these services and all users of this list are responsible for ensuring that any company with whom they contract for products or services complies with the requirements of local, state and federal law. If you are a local well sealing vendor and would like to be added to this list please contact us at (701) 282-2157 extension 3.
Area Well Sealing Companies

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