Conservation Tree Planting Services

About Our Conservation Tree Planting Services

For over 60 years, Cass County SCD has been assisting landowners with conservation tree services including,

  • Farmstead and field windbreaks
  • Living snow fences
  • Weed barrier services
  • Conservation tree retailing
  • Advisement on implementing conservation practices

Our trained technician and staff provide personal consultation and assistance with various services including,

  • Planning & Design Consultation
  • Species recommendation based on soil type
  • Assistance with planning weed and pest control in plantings
  • Assistance with processing services through USDA Programs
  • Installation services
  • Follow-up
  • Tree Planting Owner’s Guide

If you are interested in a 2023 planting please contact Tony Peterson, Programs Manager, at (701) 282-2157 extension 3

Click here for the 2021 Service pricing

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