Classroom Presentations:

Presentations can be adapted for all grade levels: Preschool – College level

  • Red River Valley Geological History: Using the Stream Table, the presentation will show glaciation, Glacial Lake Agassiz and the River Warren.
  • Stream Table: Discussion of meanders, stream beds, oxbow lakes and other river formations.
  • Trees: Using leaves and branches, this presentation covers native trees in the Red River Valley and the importance of trees.
  • Water Quality: Using the EnviroScape, Point and Non-Point Source Pollution will be discussed.
  • Prairie Ecosystems: Using dried native grasses and forbs, the discussion will cover the history of the tall grass prairie and how it is still important in today’s environment.
  • Wetlands: The discussion will entail the important riparian areas that make up the wetlands.
  • Wildlife: This presentation utilizes tanned animal pelts to discuss the adaptations of the different species that live in our area. At the end of the presentation attendees are allowed to touch and see the pelts up close. Our most popular presentation!

If you are interested in a presentation, please contact Jeff can cater the presentation to your classroom requirements.