Resource Materials

Educational Resource Materials

Cass County SCD offers a lending library of various resource-related educational tools FREE of charge to local educators.  Materials are available by pick-up or delivery and come with detailed instruction books and all materials neccessary for the activity.

Our lending library is currently offering Cass County educators,

  • Enviroscape
  • Classroom safe water testing kits
  • Beginning/intermediate/advanced classroom safe soil testing kits
  • Soil Crayons/Paints
  • Composting & vermicomposting kits
  • Conservation stewardship materials
  • Natural resource career materials
  • Available Materials

In addition to the lending library, the Cass County SCD staff is also available to do classroom presentations on various topics, including:

  • Red River Valley Geological History
  • Stream Table
  • Trees
  • Water Quality
  • Prairie Ecosystems
  • Wetlands
  • Wildlife

If you are interested in a presentation, please contact us

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