Interested in Gardening for Pollinators? As our pollinators are rapidly declining any type of blooming plant can be beneficial. Try planting a native pollinator garden to support our local North Dakota pollinators. No matter the size of your pollinator habitat, big or small, or the design of it, each plant can provide food, shelter, and nesting sites for many different pollinators. Check out the resources below for more information or contact us and see what you can plant in your yard for our local pollinators.

Pollinator Habitat Brochure

Conserving Bumblebees

NRCS pollinator Fact Sheet

What is a pollinator?

Your Urban Garden is Better With Bees

USDA NRCS Pollinator Information

USDA Plants Database Pollinator Resources

The Xerces Society

The Pollinator Partnership

U.S. Fish & Wildlife pollinator information

 ND Water Magazine Article

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