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Cass County Soil Conservation District Achievement Winner

The North Dakota Soil Conservation Achievement Awards Program has been recognizing individuals who have made outstanding efforts to conserve valuable natural resources on their land since 1948. It is a statewide program with each of the 56 Soil Conservation Districts participating and the only program of its kind in the nation. Each year the district selects an individual or family who has demonstrated his/their ability to apply conservation practices to the land they own. Once selected, they receive a large 17″ X 24″ colored aerial photograph of their farm and a trip to the annual meeting where they are honored for their accomplishments.

2016 Winner

Northern Cass Future Farmers of America



Aerial photo of Northern Cass School


We are pleased to announce that the Northern Cass School District has been awarded the 2016 Achievement Award. The school, under the guidance of Dr. Cory Steiner and Ryan Lyson, have planted over 14,000 linear feet of trees and shrubs on the school’s property. The planting has a dual purpose, both to protect the school from the relentless North Dakota winds, but also to serve as an educational Nature Trail for the students. In addition, the school operates a greenhouse and a fabric garden, helping to educate students on the life cycle of plants, as well as the satisfaction of growing food. Every class, from K through 12 grades, has units of study on the environment and conservation. Teaching and learning about conservation and the environment at a young age helps develop a lifelong land ethic, and we applaud the Northern Cass School District for doing an outstanding job!

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